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What if the times not right?
..Leave it to destiny
Whether it’s right or wrong
..Want to fulfill your needs
To electrify the soul
..Choosing to be set free
Wanting to feel alive
..Bringing you to your knees

Let’s let the night decide
..No better place than here
Do I ignore the urge?
..Surrender unto your fear
Infatuation lust
..Leading into the fire
Reaching across the floor
..Climbing forever higher

Dark Rooms..Dark Beats..Enter
My Sanctuary

Never felt so wrong
..Pleasure that felt so right
Crawling into the dark
..Shadows amongst the light
Fighting with my desire
..Forget about wrong or right
Running from design
..Passions to come alive

Losing all control
..Now that you’ve had a taste
Drinking away the fright
..Falling away from grace
Resisting passion’s touch
..Subdue unto the fight
Giving a second time
..Dancing into the night

Dark Rooms..Dark Beats..Enter
My Sanctuary


from The Eleventh Frequency EP, released August 19, 2016



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The Eleventh Frequency Los Angeles, California

"The Eleventh Frequency exists in a space between shoe-gaze and post punk with Interpol-esque vocals from Alux Delint. The rhythmic sounds from this young but extremely talented band are punctuated with poignant lyrics about social collapse and ideas for a breakaway from current convention." Death Wave Records ... more


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